Alicia’s yoga class is always the highlight of my day! My mind is full of to-do lists, game plans and phone calls but by the end of class, I feel centered and both physically and mentally strong. Alicia creates a focused yet fun experience, her instructions are extremely valuable to self-adjust and continuously challenge me. I love her spirituality which radiates to her surroundings and students. She helps me easily connect to my spirit and that’s not easy when you are a numbers and facts focused finance person.”

Prisca Havranek-Kosicek, CFO Nilfisk

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“I would highly recommend Alicia as a teacher. The health benefits for me have been improving an old back injury, significant reduction in back and shoulder pain, and increased resilience when it comes to stress. She sets the right level for the group, is very clear in her instruction, but also creates a fun and relaxing setting, making yoga accessible for beginners, and challenging for experienced practitioners.”

Sofia Bergendor, Director, Partnerships, Google Northern Europe

“It’s Sunday late morning. We just finished our yoga session with Alicia. It feels like it was especially good today; a perfect mix of flow, strenght, stretches and mindwork. But then again, it always feels like that; always interesting and constantly changing and challenging. My wife and I have 2 private yoga sessions a week and most weeks a therapeutic treatment as well. And with that intensity it is really special to work with a trainer that continues to surprise and challenge you. We feel so priveliged to have Alicia in our lives and are always looking forward to the next session. It’s healing for the body and calming for the mind.”

Michael Ritto

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