1:1 Yoga

Activating your body’s self-healing response with 1:1 YOGA

“Make your body like a house, come home to yourself”

– Alicia Thomsen

What Is 1:1 Yoga?

Individual Attention

Private yoga sessions will quickly advance your Yoga practice and make you more confident on your mat. These session are for the client who wants individual attention and hands-on adjustments refining alignment and breathing pattern.

Increase flexibility and mobility

Create a personal Yoga practice to address specific concerns and pain patterns.

Develop a personal Yoga practice

Learn tools and techniques to train the body and calm the mind which can be used beyond the private session.

Open the body and Calm the mind

A 1:1 Yoga session has a similar result to an effective body treatment but gives the practitioner the skills and knowledge to repeat the positive health experience without dependence on a health practitioner.

What do my clients say?

“Alicia’s yoga class is always the highlight of my day! My mind is full of to-do lists, game plans and phone calls but by the end of class, I feel centered and both physically and mentally strong. Alicia creates a focused yet fun experience, her instructions are extremely valuable to self-adjust and continuously challenge me. I love her spirituality which radiates to her surroundings and students. She helps me easily connect to my spirit and that’s not easy when you are a numbers and facts focused finance person.”

Prisca Havranek-Kosicek, CFO Nilfisk


As a Chiropractor and yoga teacher, Dr. Alicia Thomsen has a unique approach to health and wellness. With 17 years of international work experience in the US and Europe, her background blends science-based anatomy and biomechanics with the ancient eastern healing arts. Her speciality is bridging the gap between Eastern and Western medicine and applying both disciplines to enhance Health and Wellness.

Formally trained as a Ballet dancer and completing over 500 hours of teacher training with YogaWorks in San Francisco, Alicia’s teaching style is therapeutic and holistically-minded incorporating precision of alignment and concise queuing that makes class accessable to all levels. Alicia’s mission in teaching is to share a powerful, self healing practice and create an environment to activate the body’s own healing response. Decades of study and experience shine through in her teaching.

Alicia maintains a private practice in Hellerup, where she sees clients individually focusing her expertise on Stress Management, Optimum functioning, Injury Recovery and Orthopedics. She is known for her ability to use multiple modalities to initiate change, balance the Nervous System and enhance the Self-healing response.

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